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Animal Shelter

342 North Martin Luther King Blvd
Indianola, MS 38751
Phone: (662) 887- 7623

Adoption Information

Want to Adopt a Pet?

We have some wonderful, furry friends who want to meet you. We have a real need for good homes for our animals right now. The shelter has a variety of dogs and cats to choose from, so please come see us as you can and let us help you find the perfect pet.

Adoption Fees

The City of Indianola Animal Shelter has a $25 adoption fee. The $25 adoption fee includes the mandatory 3 Rabies shots and free spay/neuter for all adopted animals. Please call the Shelter at (662) 887-7623 if you have any questions.

Adopting a Friend

Adoption is the best route to take if you are looking for a new pet to add to your loving family. Our animals did not ask to be in a shelter, and it isn’t their fault they are living the life they are. Help make a dog or cat happy by giving him/her a home. Thank you in advance for giving these animals another chance for good life.



Wendell Johnson
(662) 887-7623
(662) 207-8337

Animal Control Officer

Bradley Patton
(662) 887-7623
(662) 207-5241

Administrative Assistant

Juanita Hancock
(662) 887-7623


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